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Going to Auction or Need to be sure about a property?

Get A Pre-Purchase Section 32 & Contract Review

Play it safe and have your documents checked by an experienced Lawyer, before committing to a legally binding purchase. Send us your Section 32 and Contract Of Sale to get…
  • A detailed line-by-line review by a Conveyancing Lawyer;
  • Tailored legal advice to prevent expensive mistakes;
  • Our wealth of knowledge on what’s reasonable to negotiate;
  • Guidance to make an informed purchase.
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We’ll prepare a quote just for you

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The contract is BINDING the moment you sign

That’s why we always recommend a contract review before auction or signing any legal document. Why?
  • To prevent you from making expensive mistakes;
  • To rebalance the contract terms in your favour;
  • To help decide if this property is right for you.
In a contract review, we spot what is MISSING, UNUSUAL or VAGUE.
Pinpointing these details – and suggesting amendments – is where we add the most value to your transaction. So if you want to understand the contract further and verify that there aren’t any red flags, then request a contract review quote today.

There are two critical documents that your Lawyer will review

PART A – The Section 32, and PART B – The Contract Of Sale.



Section 32 Review
This document discloses information about the property – title particulars, encumbrances, plan, etc. – in the form of “search certificates”. In other words, the documents allow you to take inventory of the property’s legal status.        
Let one of our lawyers review the documents.      
Your lawyer will:
  • Check for errors, omissions, and any item of concern.
Your Lawyer will inspect the documents – line-by-line – and will draw your attention to any risks. Anything unusual, missing, or anything that requires further clarification.
  • Confirm the property is fit for your purpose.
At times, Invisible legal aspects may prevent you from fully enjoying the property. For example; “Dear Client, did you know, VicRoads plans to claim your yard for road widening? Are you sure you still want this property?”  The lawyer will confirm that you are not adversely affected.
Our review is designed to help you uncover risks and help you decide if you want the property or not. As part of our process, we also:  
Name of Search Description How Does The Lawyer Protect You?
 Registered Search Statement Provide title particulars, ownership details and encumbrances on title. Lawyer to confirm seller has rights to sell the property and determine any legal encumbrances or easements that may affect your enjoyment of the property. eg. Your lawyer will point out if there is a public thoroughfare in your front yard or water mains under your backyard, this makes the property a no-go if you plan to build in that area.
 Copy of Plan  Provide a map of the location of the lot, including the dimensions, gradient and other physical features. Lawyer to confirm you are buying the right property and the dimensions are within expectations. There have been rare times (lots can look similar on paper) when the buyer has purchased the wrong lot (or was under the impression it was bigger).
 VicRoads  See if the property is affected by public proposals or compulsory acquisition. The government releases council plans in the VicRoads certificate. They may issue a proposal to requisition a portion of your land for improvements (new footpath, highway or road widening). If the proposal is approved – at worse – the value/livability of your property will be reduced. Lawyer to check and advise.
Planning Certificate  The details of any zones and schemes applicable to the property. Depending on your plans for the property – e.g. building a townhouse – you may be unable to subdivide or build certain structures on the land. the lawyer will make sure you are able to realise your plans for the property’s intended purpose before you purchase the property.
 Bushfire Prone Details regarding whether the property is part of a bushfire prone area or not. Determine if the property is at risk of bushfire, and if so, it is then up to you as the buyer to determine if the risk is acceptable and to go ahead with the purchase or not.
Extract of Priority Sites  Details if there are any contaminants on the property. Priority sites are sites for which the EPA has issued a cleanup notice pursuant to section 62A, or a pollution abatement notice pursuant to section 31A or 31B (relevant to land and/or groundwater). This makes you aware as a buyer if the lot is contaminated. Lawyer to let you know if you are potentially adversely affected.

Our work doesn’t end there. The Lawyer will review the



Contract Of Sale
The Contract Of Sale sets the rules, payment terms and exceptions that all parties must agree to. It defines the when and how the sale will happen. It also explains the consequences; should the process not go to plan.
And as a buyer, why do you need a review?
There are three reasons…

Warnings And Areas Of Concern:

The Lawyer will draw your attention to any areas – in their experience – that have caused issues. They will highlight risks and points that needs to be clarified.

Suggestions On Negotiations:

The Contract Of Sale is often one-sided and in strong favour to the Vendor. Your Lawyer will be familiar with what is unreasonable and will suggest opportunities to rebalance the terms.

A Clear Explanation:

We’ll decode the legal jargon and speak in everyday English. You’ll walk away with an understanding of your legal obligations (should you choose to sign).

Need more detail? As part of our process, we also:

Lawyer Checklist Benefit Of Check
Enquire About Finance When signing the contract, you agree to a specific and strict payment schedule. You MUST meet this schedule or be faced with severe penalty interest or the loss of your entire deposit.
Confirm Building & Pest Building and Pest damage could set you back thousands. The Lawyer to enquire if you are protected from this eventuality.
 Enquire About Built Structures Did you know that if a building isn’t approved, the Council may ask you to remove the illegal structure, carry out works to comply or pay a fine? Don’t suffer this mistake of having the sellers “improvements” being torn down at your expense. Common structures include pergolas, garages and decks.
Check Inclusions & Chattels If it isn’t written in the contract, then it isn’t guaranteed. For example, expecting those potted plants and surprised they aren’t there at settlement? The seller is under no obligation to leave behind chattels (furnishings or appliances) unless it is in the contract. Make sure you don’t have unexpected out of pocket expenses.

All of these checks will allow us to provide



Tailored Legal Advice
We’ll provide instructions to assist you in:
  • Rectifying errors in the contract;
  • Adding special conditions to protect you from risk;
  • You calling the agent and requesting inclusions;
  • Let you know what is fair & reasonable to negotiate;
  • Clarifying information with 3rd parties due to red flags.

Our Contract Reviews Go Above And Beyond The Typical “Free” Review By Conveyancers

Our reviews are performed by qualified Conveyancing LAWYERS, and should not be compared to a review conducted by an Agent or “just a Conveyancer”.

A lawyer is backed by their qualifications, certification and professional indemnity insurance. We are obligated to give the BEST advice, with dire consequences if we advise on anything that could jeopardise our clients’ interests.  
Our Lawyers have the depth and breadth of knowledge in property law, and they must be up to date with the latest legislation. This is not the case for Agents or Conveyancers.  
Additionally, as Lawyers, we are your advocate. We know you will have competing voices – your agent, broker, friends and family – each giving you conflicting advice. It is our job to give you measured advice in your interests only, according to our strict professional obligations and ethical codes. That means we may tell you what you don’t want to hear, for your best protection.  
Lastly, we hate surprise costs as much as you. Provided that yours is a standard conveyance, our standard contract reviews are a fixed fee.
Yes, I Want Safe And Cost-Effective Conveyancing
“OK, What’s The Next Step?”

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