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Selling Your Property and Need A Contract?

Get Section 32 & Contract Of Sale Drafting

Have a Lawyer draft documents that binds your buyer to their purchase, fairly, and according to Victorian law, quickly and easily. Instruct us to get…
  • A Section 32 that doesn’t let the buyer walk away;
  • The maximum protection with our unique Contract Of Sale;
  • Fast document drafting without compromise;
  • A framework for a successful on-time settlement.
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Bind your buyer fairly to their purchase…

Did you know, a buyer could walk away – mid-sale, without any consequences – if the Section 32 is poorly drafted?
And as the poor Seller, you’d be left with:
  • an unsold property;
  • out of pocket expenses of a failed settlement;
  • the time, pain and money of having to do it all over again!
Don’t let the buyer walk away from your sale!
Think Conveyancing helps prevent failed settlements by drafting a binding document which has been crafted to provide sellers with the MOST certainty of sale.
How does Think Conveyancing achieve this?
There are two documents the Lawyer will draft… PART A – The Section 32 and PART B – The Contract Of Sale.


Section 32 Drafting (Vendor Disclosure Statement)
Want to sell property in Victoria? It’s a statutory requirement for sellers to provide a signed Section 32 to potential buyers BEFORE they sign the Contract Of Sale.
This document discloses property information including title particulars, encumbrances, plan, etc – in the form of “search certificates”. If you wish to SAFELY sell property, you must provide a Section 32 with all relevant search certificates. Why?

It Prevents Buyers From Withdrawing

If the Section 32 contains incorrect or insufficient information, the purchaser will be entitled to take legal action or withdraw from the sale between signing and settlement, without any compensation to you.

It Helps You Find A Serious Buyer Faster

Nothing is more reassuring to a buyer than comprehensive paperwork. Having the right documentation at inspection demonstrates credibility, confidence, and allows you to sell faster.
Get more certainty with Think Conveyancing
At Think Conveyancing, we never compromise on quality. We will draft you a binding Section 32 that is in FULL accordance with Victorian statutory requirements.
Our work does not end there. The Lawyer will draft the…


Contract Of Sale Drafting
When signed, the Contract Of Sale sets the rules, payment terms and conditions that all parties agreed to. And more importantly – the consequences – should the process not go as planned.
As a seller, why should you want a quality Contract of Sale?

Bind The Buyer To The Sale

The sale is only as good as the Contract. It defines opportunities for the buyer to exit. At Think, we draft binding contracts that fairly minimise these opportunities. Our contracts include extra terms and strict conditions surrounding finance, rescission and timings.

Frame The Sale, When You Want, How You Want

The sale should be on your terms. And unlike other firms, we don’t produce cookie-cutter contracts. We draft contracts from the ground up and provide tailored contracts specific to your situation. So let us know your needs and wishes – settlement dates, financing conditions, etc.
Like you, our interest is your on-time settlement. Our documents are designed to – firmly – hold the buyer to their obligation, – fairly – to the full extent of the law.
What Happens After Drafting?


Document Approval
You will be provided with the Section 32 for approval. When you’re happy, we will send your complete Contract and Section 32 to you and your agent. As soon as you find a buyer, let us know, so we may start your conveyance.
See our conveyancing services below.

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Vacant Land


Apartment / Townhouse / Unit


How Long Will It Take To Draft The Documents?

We start drafting the documents the same day your matter is created. What makes the process time consuming is that we must order and wait for third parties to provide search certificates. As per Victorian law, these search certificates are required to be included in the Section 32.
As a conservative estimate, it can take 1-2 weeks to get the search certificates back and despite all efforts, it is largely impossible to dramatically speed up this process. All conveyancers are subject to third party’s wait time for the return of search certificates. For example, some Body Corporates or City Councils are usually slower than others.
However, our promise to you is a BULLET PROOF Section 32 Vendor Disclosure document that is prepared in accordance with the statutory requirement. We will not compromise on quality and will not omit any details that will put you in jeopardy.
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