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Thinkconveyancing.com.au® can perform your transfer for you

and help make sure the process is easy and hassle-free for you

  • Online service saves you time and money
  • Fixed fees, no hidden or surprise costs
  • Track transfer progress online, 24 hours a day
  • Overcome common and unexpected legal problems – our property lawyers will guide you through your transfer from start to finish, and protect your interests the whole way through

Smooth, hassle-free title transfers

If you’re thinking of transferring the title of a property from one party to another for whatever reason, but remain unsure of:

  • What legal documents you need to sign
  • How to cover all the legal aspects and make certain your transfer is legal and binding
  • Who to file the documentation of your transfer with

Thinkconveyancing.com.au® can help you.

You see, at thinkconveyancing.com.au®, our expert property lawyers can guide you through this process from start to finish, saving you time, hassles and legal costs, by managing every part of your title transfer for you.

How Our Expert Legal Team Can Help You

When you choose thinkconveyancing.com.au® to handle your property transfer, you get all the benefits of using an experienced team of lawyers, without the cost.

  • 1We draw up the contract of sale and any other documents legally required
  • 2We deal directly with the bank or lawyer that holds the title for you
  • 3We deal with the transferee’s lawyer on your behalf
  • 4We prepare and help you complete all legal documents, then submit them for you
  • 5We finalise settlement of the sale of your property on your behalf

How Much Does The Service Cost?

transfering-img1Thinkconveyancing.com.au® provides fixed quotes for all the usual work required in the process of transferring a property.

This fixed quote will satisfy the unique requirements for transfer as required by the State or Territory in which the property is located.

If you would like more detailed information about the State specific scopes of works, please select your State from the list below to see what’s included in your fixed quote.

How You Can Save with Thinkconveyancing.com.au®

Most of the dealings you have with us will be over the phone, via email or through the post – this means you don’t need to take time out of your schedule to travel to meet us.

We have streamlined the process of transferring ownership of a property to the point where you can complete most of it from the comfort of your home or workplace via phone, fax and email.

However, any time you do need to drop off something urgently, our wonderful team would be glad to welcome you into any of our offices, which are located in key capital cities around Australia.

Don’t forget, our pricing is always Fixed, so there will be no nasty surprises at the end of the process.

Why Get Our Lawyers to Transfer Your Title?

  • Our lawyers are licensed to operate in every Australian State.
  • We handle nothing but the legal aspects of transferring the title of a property from one party to another week in, week out, all across Australia.
  • Thanks to our extensive training and experience in this area of property law, we have become highly familiar with the steps involved in the process – and this allows us to handle your title transfer efficiently and effectively, and manage any problems should they arise.

Our lawyers:

  • 1Guide you through your property transfer the whole way through, ensuring at the end of the process the right person holds legal ownership of the property
  • 3Ensure your property transfer is as smooth and hassle-free as possible
  • 2Help you understand what’s happening all the way through your property transaction – and keep you up to date with the progress of your transfer via our online tracker

Like More Information?

transfering-img2A property is one of the most significant assets you will ever own in your life. In order to ensure the transfer of your property goes smoothly, and any problems are managed quickly and efficiently, why not get thinkconveyancing.com.au® to handle the process for you?

We would love to help. To find out more about what we can do to help you, please enter your details below.

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