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There are so many reasons to buy and sell in Hobart. As tourism booms so does the property market,which gives Hobart a competitive edge. It has the Royal Botanical Gardens, Waterfront lookouts, heaps of festivals,and amazing world food experiences. It’s no wonder that Hobart is such a popular place to buy! The housing is also more affordable in comparison to cities in other States, attracting many residents, most of which are couples and families. Whether you are buying or selling, you can rely on us for Conveyancing in Hobart. Call us or visit our website today for a chat, we are available 24/7 to help you with your Conveyancing needs.

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“I bought property in Hobart and before settlement noticed the condition of the property diminished. Melissa told me the seller has an obligation to keep the property in the same condition it was when it was sold. I had a building report to show the condition of the property when it sold, recommended by Melissa. So the seller improved the property before settlement. I can’t thank Melissa enough, and recommend ThinkConveyancing in Hobart.”
Lula Richards

Lula Richards
Bathurst st, Hobart

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“A buyer becomes the new owner of the property after settlement. The ability to meet settlement on the day agreed under the contract is important to avoid a contractual breach. Not only must you be ready but so must your lender (if any). Extension to the settlement date can be agreed upon, but may be subject to penalty costs. That’s why you must keep on top of your lender to ensure you settle on time.”

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