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Conveyancing Hobart Made Easy

We help Hobart buyers and sellers with done for you conveyancing. As a full-service conveyancing-only law firm, our job is to make sure your transaction is SAFE and cost effective.
Tell us about your property and instruct us to get…
  • Contract reviews and drafting by Conveyancing Lawyers;
  • Guaranteed Fixed Professional Fees, even if it gets complicated;
  • Hassle-free, on-time settlement. Relax, we’ll do all the work.
Call (03) 6234 4940 Or Tell Us About Your Property, We’ll Prepare A Quote!
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Yes! We Are Local!

We’re located at level Ground Floor, 162 Macquarie St. Hobart TAS 7000.

Why? CBD is where 99% off settlements occur. So if there is any issue, we’ll

simply send a Lawyer on a 2-minute walk to the bank or settlement location to sort it out.

Can any other conveyancer do that?

Yes, I want a safe and cost-effective conveyance…
“OK, What’s The Next Step?”

If you want to find out how our Legal Team can help you

with on-time settlement, here are two ways to move forward:

Option 1: Request Our Pricing

We’ll send you an email with our transparent costs. This includes 3rd party searches.

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Option 2: Speak To Our Concierge

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Conveyancing Lawyers Hobart & Property Solicitors

Give us a call, and our team will be happy to help with your Hobart property sale or purchase. We’re committed to making the process easy, stress-free and as money saving as possible.
We’ve streamlined our processes to allow an affordable, high-quality conveyancing service. Our service includes the legal paperwork, 3rd party correspondence and running around. That means you can stay home and enjoy your weekend. Leave all the hard work to us.

Hobart Conveyancing Services

Value transaction security? Then nominate us to engage a Law Firm. We’re backed with 2-Million in insurance, and we also take our professional obligations seriously.
By selecting us, you will be provided with a:
  • An experienced Lawyer
  • A Paralegal / File Owner to do works
  • And a Concierge in charge of your customer satisfaction
This team will be responsible for taking you from where you are – frustration – and bring you to an easy and stress-free on-time settlement.
We take our commitment to a stress-free experience to heart and have reworked our processes. You can do the process online, with no need to come into our office. Just call or send emails. We’ll do all the busy work for you.
Still not sure? Check out our many reviews on Trust Pilot and Facebook. We’ve serviced many Hobart buyers and sellers, and we’re sure we can help you get a great outcome.
Looking for a full quote? Do note that pricing is dependant on 1. Property type, 2. City Council and 3. Your lot specifics. Give us a call, and we’ll prepare a written quote just for you. We commit to providing a fully transparent quote.

Our Fixed Price Hobart Service Includes

Fixed Price Professional Fee

We maintain that we’re the best value Law Firm for property transactions. We provide a Lawyer, a File Owner and a Concierge for a guaranteed fixed professional legal fee. That means that even if your file is complicated and unusual, requiring hours of work calling the bank, talking with the other side, making sure your paperwork is on point, the legal fee will be 100% fixed. This is how we’re able to provide certainty and security to our clients.

Maximum Protection For Minimum Cost

The minimum. That’s all we order. That’s it. To be clear, we order the minimum that our Lawyers need to be certain and comfortable that you are 100% protected. That means that our Senior Legal Team meet on a regular basis to review the latest news, the latest cases and all of the recent market changes to come to a decision. What we can afford to skip and save money on, and what we MUST keep as part of our package. These searches are used to provide legal advice.

No Compromise On Our Quality Or Your Protection

We take our commitment to protect you seriously. We understand that there will be pressure for you to save during buying or selling a house and that you may be tempted to use old searches, out of date searches or go as far as not doing a search. We will never do this. We never compromise. Searches is what provides the information needed to our Lawyers to provide the information we need to provide legal advice. We will always do the searches needed to meet the regulatory requirements of the government.

7-day A Week Extended Hours Customer Care

Got a pressing question and didn’t know who to ask? Ask us. In response to our delighted feedback from past and current clients, we have decided to extend our customer service hours. If you have a question, give us a call any time from MON-THU 8 AM to 9 PM or FRI-SUN 8 AM to 8 PM. Our friendly team members will be here ready to walk you through the process or answer any questions that you may have. This is another way we provide great service.

We’re proud to be based in Hobart CBD. Our office is based in Ground floor, 162 Macquarie Street.
Our Hobart Office Think Conveyancing Hobart Ground Floor, 162 Macquarie St, Hobart TAS 7000 Phone: (03) 6234 4940 $

Cheap Conveyancing Hobart

There are so many reasons to buy and sell in Hobart. As tourism booms so does the property market, which gives Hobart a competitive edge. It has the Royal Botanical Gardens, Waterfront lookouts, heaps of festivals,and amazing world food experiences. It’s no wonder that Hobart is such a popular place to buy!
The housing is also more affordable in comparison to cities in other States, attracting many residents, most of which are couples and families. Whether you are buying or selling, you can rely on us for Conveyancing in Hobart. Call us or visit our website today for a chat, we are available 24/7 to help you with your Conveyancing needs.
Considering Hobart for your next real estate investment? Whether you’re starting or expanding your investment portfolio, Hobart presents a unique opportunity. It’s not only the most populous city in the state of Tasmania but also the state’s capital. An island city that lies along an estuary of the Derwent River, Hobart is a geographically unique and desirable tourist destination. Though tourism contributes to the flourishing town, shipping is significant to the local economy. Public art and community programs address the needs of families living in the Hobart, Tasmania area, with ongoing cultural and educational endeavours throughout the city.
The Hobart port caters to Australia and France’s Antarctic exports, loading tonnes of cargo each year for Australian research vessels exploring the southernmost continent. Other industries, such as catamaran building, chocolate factories, breweries, and even casinos thrive in Hobart. Also, botanical gardens and a unique mountain ecosystem create ideal recreational opportunities. Rich biodiversity adds to the value of Hobart’s unique landscape, while its historical architecture contributes a cultural perspective.
Height limitations on new construction further define Hobart’s skyline, offering up unique properties that add to the ambience of the city without blocking the panoramic views. Arts and entertainment are priorities in Hobart, additional factors that make a property investment in the area a strategic opportunity. Ready to pursue an investment in Hobart? Think Conveyancing services the Hobart area via online processes with utmost professionalism and commitment. Contact us today to start expanding your investment portfolio in Hobart!
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