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Thinkconveyancing.com.au® can get your settlement through on time, without a fuss – and without unusually high legal expenses

  • Online service saves you time and money
  • Fixed fees, no hidden or surprise costs
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  • Overcome common and unexpected legal problems – our property lawyers will guide you through your sale from start to finish, and protect your interests the whole way through

Want selling your property to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible?

Selling your property can be a complicated and stressful time.

At thinkconveyancing.com.au®, our lawyers go through the selling process every day. So we appreciate what you’re going through, and understand the problems that can arise.

For example, what if:

  • Your buyer has to pull out because they can’t come up with the money?
  • Your buyer tries to sue you after the sale?
  • You made a mistake with the property boundaries or in your legal documents?


We have years of experience in transferring ownership of property from sellers to buyers, and know exactly what to look for to make sure there are no problems in selling your home.


Over the years we have developed a process that allows us to carefully ensure we coordinate with and manage all the parties concerned with your property sale, so you get an on-time settlement.


Our friendly team of property lawyers takes the stress, inconvenience and uncertainty out of selling your property for you, by guiding you through every step of the sales process from start to finish.

How our property lawyers will take care of you

Our knowledge of the steps involved in every property sale has allowed us to streamline the process of transferring ownership of a property. This allows you to complete most of the sales process from the comfort of your home or workplace via phone, fax and email.

Simply sign the documents we send you, follow the progress of your settlement online and call us if you have questions.

The process of selling property is different in every Australian State, because of differences in State law. However, these are the services we generally provide:

  • We coordinate with the real estate agent and the buyer’s lawyer on your behalf
  • We deal with the bank that holds your mortgage on your behalf
  • We coordinate with the buyer’s mortgagee, as well as the lawyers for all these people on your behalf
  • We handle the transfer of your property to the buyer
  • We help you complete the correct forms, and submit them for you
  • We finalise settlement with the buyer and the buyer’s lawyer on your behalf
  • We check that the buyer has the finances to buy your property
  • We ensure all your seller documentation is in order

What your fixed-price quotation includes

At thinkconveyancing.com.au®, we provide you with a fixed quote that covers all the usual work required in the process of selling your property. And it means there are no hidden or surprise costs for you.

This fixed quote includes different obligations in different States. Because of the differences in each State’s legislation, what we do for you to legally transfer property will depend on which state your property is located in.

Why chose Thinkconveyancing.com.au®?

Our lawyers:

  • 1Guide you through your transaction from the start – we can help even before you put your house on the market
  • 2Help you understand what’s happening all the way through your property sale – and keep you up to date via our online progress tracker
  • 3Ensure your property sale goes smoothly, so you don’t suffer long settlement delays
  • 4Protect you if there is a dispute after the buyer takes possession of the property
  • 5Negotiate and draw up contract amendments for you
  • 6Save you time by attending settlement and dealing with the purchaser and their representatives
  • 7Can handle property transactions for you in every State in Australia

How we can help you save

When you speak to your lawyer at thinkconveyancing.com.au®, most of the transactions will be over the phone, via email and through the post – this saves you money on “billable hours” as well as the cost of travel to see us.

You also never have to make an appointment to meet us face to face – which saves you time.

Should you need to drop something off urgently, our offices are located conveniently in key capital cities and our wonderful team would be happy to receive a hand delivered document from you.

And, of course, remember your fixed quote covers all the usual steps in the sales process, so there won’t be any unexpected expenses.

We can help you sell property anywhere in Australia

selling-img2As members of the Australian Law Societies in every State, the lawyers at thinkconveyancing.com.au® are licensed to buy and sell property in every Australian State, and are committed to staying at the forefront of developments in property law, no matter what the jurisdiction.

Our process is based on the methods we use every day to help sellers sell thousands of properties across Australia. Our friendly lawyers have the local legal knowledge and experience in your State to finalise the sale of your property – no matter where you live in Australia.

Watch the progress of your settlement online

selling-img1Simply log onto our exclusive website to follow the daily progress of your property settlement.

Tracking your settlement date allows you greater freedom to plan ahead with moving or buying a new property by giving you a clear picture of when to expect your property transaction to be finalised.

Would you like more information?

Selling property is one of the biggest financial transactions you will ever make. We would love to help you make sure it all goes smoothly for you.

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One of our experienced lawyers will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours to give you a no-cost, obligation-free consultation.

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