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Buying OTP in Queensland?

Conveyancing For Off The Plan

If you’re purchasing Off The Plan, it pays to have an (ex-property developer) Law Firm on your side, who knows the tricks of the trade.
Tell us about your Off The Plan and instruct us to get…
  • Extensive experience in Off The Plan (on both sides);
  • Guaranteed Fixed Professional fees, even if it gets complicated;
  • Hassle-free, on-time settlement. Relax, we’ll do all the work.
Call 1300 932 738 Or Tell Us About Your OTP, We’ll Prepare A Quote!
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We’ll prepare a quote just for you

CALL 1300 932 738 – or – Tell Us About Your Property, We’ll Prepare A Quote!
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What Our Recent Clients Say About Us…

Off The Plan is our bread and butter…

Before the Leadership Team started Think Conveyancing, they were successful property developers and previously represented large-scale Off The Plan (OTP) developments.
But now they look after mums and dads, and residential buyers like you. What they say is this… “It is absolutely essential that you get your OTP contract reviewed.”
When buying OTP, you are purchasing a set of rights. Unlike buying a unit you can see, touch and feel, you are instead buying a ‘legal promise’.
And these promises are dense – in the form of documentation that spans hundreds of pages.
Unless you’ve read hundreds of OTP contracts, you won’t know if the deal is good or not… And the promises in the Contract of Sale won’t always reflect the showroom you fell in love with.
This is how we help.
In a OTP written contract review, we spot what is MISSING, UNUSUAL or VAGUE. Pinpointing these details – and suggesting amendments – is where we add the most value to your transaction.
With an OTP purchase, what you see in the showroom may not reflect the final quality of the property? We recommend a contract review to bring your property to “as close to” the showroom experience as possible.

For example, the contract says the developer will use white tiles. Does this mean ANY white tile is fine? We would specify PORCELAIN white tiles “just like in the showroom”, to be certain that they will use quality materials.

So take advantage of Think Conveyancings “in the know” industry experience. OTP reviews are INCLUDED as part of our OTP buying conveyancing fee. We maintain we are the best value on the market.


What Is Our Approach?
Acting as your legal representative, your team will work with your bank, the developers solicitor and other related parties, to set the groundwork for a successful and smooth settlement.
As part of our fixed professional fee service you will be assigned:
  • An Experienced Lawyer
  • A File Owner / Conveyancer
  • A Conveyancing Concierge
All the below steps are included as standard practice, so you can rest assured your purchase is being handled with professionalism, efficiency and care.
What’s Included Description
We’ll do the legal paperwork on your behalf…
  OTP Written Review Additional cost – at request – Lawyer to review contract line by line.
  Legal paperwork Providing you with all the legal documents for the transfer.
  Order Searches Ordering necessary searches to check for legal liabilities.
We’ll make sure all the Seller’s bills are paid…
  Facilitating Transfer Duty payment Prepare documents and assist with stamping of the transfer (if required).
  Liaising with the vendor/financier Corresponding with your bank, other-sides solicitor and all related 3rd parties.
We’ll attend settlement to make your property ownership official…
  Arranging smooth settlement By handling the legal transfer detail on your behalf.
  Settlement attendance Arranging settlement and attending on your behalf. Send Lawyer if required.
  Update land registry/Bank Officially transfer the Property, instruct agent to give you keys.
Congratulations on your purchase!


What Are The Costs?
The conveyancing process, Lawyer and team are included within the professional fee (inc GST). Our professional fee is 100% fixed. The only other cost you need to consider are the necessary searches.
As part of a safe conveyance, we must order third party searches to verify the contents of the Contract Of Sale. This information is critical for due diligence.
We will order the searches on your behalf, pay costs up-front, and then pass these costs onto you upon settlement.
Please note that conveyancing fees are dependent on property type, City Council (at time of order) and lot specifics. So request a quote now to receive up-to-date prices.
As per our guidelines, we RENDER SERVICE FIRST. Our first invoice (retainer) will be sent with the First Suite of Documents. The balance of actual conveyancing fees and searches is payable at settlement. This retainer is required to secure the service of your Lawyer.

Searches are used by the conveyancer to do health checks on your property: they are essential and should not be skipped, as the consequences could be financially disastrous.

We use Searches to check for…
  • Errors in paperwork; Cross checking the accuracy of the documents.
  • Lot and developer details; Confirming the details are correct.
  • Final checks before releasing funds; Last step confirmations before transfering your funds.
What Searches Are Included In The Buying OTP Package?
Our package includes the following searches. Again, searches are Council specific, so please request a quote to get specific pricing for your property.
Name of Search Description How Does This Item Protect You?
 Title Search Provide title particulars, ownership details and encumbrances on title. Confirm that the Seller has rights to sell the property and determine any legal encumbrances that may affect enjoyment of the buyer.
  Land Tax Clearance Provide details on any outstanding payment of land tax due to the Office of State Revenue Find out how much Land Tax is owed by the Seller – and if there is an amount outstanding, ask Seller to pay it off.
  File Opening Fee Data protection and electronic encoding. Security and protection of your private details.
  Postage Deliver original documents (excludes courier). Banks often require a physical copy of the paperwork as part of their standard process.
 Check Search Confirms vendor is still the owner prior to settlement. Double check that the seller is still entitled to sell the property, before clearing the cheque and releasing funds.
 Settlement Attendance Representative to meet with the other party, to complete the transaction. Meet with the bank, or the Seller’s representative and hand over the cheque with final payment.  Be on site to clear any potential issues (we will send the Lawyer if needed, we are located a two minute walk away).


Why Think Conveyancing For Your OTP?

Successful Settlements

4500+ successful settlements & 6-years in business;

Fully insured searches

We never compromise with quality;

Easy and Committed

We make settlement easy for you;

OTP is our bread and butter

we know developer “tricks of the trade”;

Professional Indemnity

$2-million professional indemnity insurance;

Fixed Professional Fee

We offer a guaranteed fixed legal fee.

What makes Think Conveyancing different for OTP?

We know all the tricks of the trade (having previously been with developers ourselves). And knowing what we know, there is no chance we would let our mothers or close friends sign an OTP agreement without getting a contract review. Take advantage of our extensive experience and nominate us to look after you.

The Think Conveyancing Guarantee:


Thank you for considering Think Conveyancing. I understand that you’re looking for two things: to keep your expenses down, and to settle on time without issues.

As conveyancers, we are bound by professional obligations to protect you in your transaction. As solicitors, we must work within the confines of the system and follow specific rules to keep you safe.

Whilst our goal is always to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering an on-time, on-budget service, occasionally, factors outside our control can impact the process. These can include things such as your particular lot, or the other parties, including the vendor or the bank. That said…

We take our responsibilities as conveyancers very seriously.

We work to a high standard and we are committed to protecting our clients whilst also achieving the best possible result for them. There may be situations where the process is held up by additional searches or third party disputes, however I guarantee that although we can’t control those factors, we can control the quality of our service, our people and our commitment.

I guarantee that I will hold my people to the highest standard for every property transaction we manage. At Think Conveyancing we have cultivated an open, transparent and hard-working culture, and I believe in our people, our processes and our service — 100%.

Therefore, I can confidently pledge that if you feel for any reason that your transaction is not getting the attention and diligence it deserves, reach out to my Customer Happiness team that works with the appropriate Senior Leadership, who will then conduct an in depth investigation. If you are still not satisfied, you can reach out to me and I will personally deal with it, one-on-one.

Consider us for your conveyancing needs, and you won’t be disappointed.

We look forward to working with you!

Chris Lane
Founder, Think Conveyancing

How Do I Get Started And What Happens Next?

Call our office to instruct us to start, then send over the complete contract – all pages. We will then ask for any required information, such as your Legal Name, Property Address and Verification of Identity. A Matter will be created for you on the same day, and your File Owner will call you to introduce themselves and explain the next steps. Please call us on 1300 932 738 or use the web form so we can prepare accurate pricing, specific to your situation.
Yes, I Want Safe And Cost-Effective Conveyancing

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here are two ways to move forward.

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