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Conveyancing Penrith Made Easy

We help Penrith buyers and sellers with done for you conveyancing. As a conveyancing-only law firm, our solicitors top priority is to maximise your savings while minimising your legal risk.
  • Lawyer Pre-Purchase Contract Review That Discovers Red Flags.
  • Sellers Contract Of Sale & Prescribed Documents Drafting.
  • Affordable With A Guaranteed Fixed Professional Fee.
  • FREE 20-Minute Consultation, Trusted By 23,352+ Australians.
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Conveyancing Lawyers Penrith & Property Solicitors

As a law firm, we’re able to provide sharply competitive and affordable rates. How can we do this? We have a well oiled legal team, finely tuned processes and the fact that we do conveyancing all day every day.

That means we can provide the best price, best value and the highest quality.

We’ve made this service easy for you and 100% online. That means no need to travel. Just stay at home while we take care of your s 10.7 and Contract of Sale.

Need a quote? Conveyancing prices are determined by your lot, property type and City Council. Call in, and we will send a detailed breakdown of costings including searches.


Penrith Conveyancing Services

We’re a law firm that provides the highest level of care, backed with up to 2-million of professional indemnity insurance.
By working us, you will be assigned:
  • An experienced Lawyer, for reviews and legal advice.
  • A Local File Owner, to do all your legal paperwork on your behalf.
  • A dedicated Concierge, for extended hours support and customer service.
This teamwork approach will take you from where you are now – confusion – all the way to an on-time settlement.
We make it simple for you.
Take advantage of our established processes for a hassle-free property transaction.
Need proof? Check out our reviews from our happy clients.
Our service goes beyond paper pushing. You can look forward to a team of passionate practitioners all dedicated to your on-time settlement. But here are some other reasons why it’s great to work with us.

Our Fixed Price Penrith Service Includes

Fixed Price Professional Fee

It is unacceptable to be surprised with out of pocket fees at settlement. That is why we provide a guaranteed fixed fee to give you certainty at this crucial time. We’re proud to offer a FIXED legal fee that INCLUDES the time of the Lawyer. Enjoy prestige law firm service at an affordable price.

Minimum Searches For Maximum Protection

Why spend more than you need to? We understand that you’re looking to save, so we only do the bare minimum searches that we are CONFIDENT that will keep you safe. While they are the minimum searches, they give you the best coverage for a secure and risk mitigated transaction.

We Never Compromise On Quality Or Client Protection

While we do the minimum, that doesn’t mean we cut corners. While others may use old certificates or not do searches at all, we never compromise on quality and will always do the searches needed so that we are confident you’re protected. Our NSW Legal Team and National Directors meet quarterly to review the latest legislation so we can decide what MUST be done and what can be skipped.

7-day A Week Extended Hours Customer Care

Need to reach out to your team, even if it is weekend or late at night? We are the only law firm that provides extended hours care. We’re open 7-days a week so if you need an update, have a question, or need assistance, just reach out. We’re always ready to take your call.

Penrith Property Solicitors
With on the ground Practitioners, we have the experience to take you to an on-time settlement.

Give us a call at (02) 4721 0247 to see how we can help you with your Penrith purchase or sale.

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Our Penrith Office Think Conveyancing Penrith 95B Station St,, Penrith NSW 2750 Phone: (02) 4721 0247 $

Cheap Conveyancing Penrith

About 56 kilometres from Sydney’s central business district, Penrith lies adjacent to the beautiful Nepean River and at the foot of Blue Mountains and is known as the adventure capital of New South Wales. This major hub of Australia’s capital city is bustling with tourist attractions such as the Museum of Fire (with exhibits on firefighting and safety), the Penrith Whitewater Stadium (for rafting), the Martyr Church and the Sydney International Regatta Centre (rowing and sprint kayaking) and many others. The casual visitor can make a lot of lasting memories here!
There is little wonder why Penrith continues to be popular with investors and is considered a great place to live. Penrith’s land value has been estimated to be over $25 billion, and there is a lot of interest in the city from builders. It is likely to go up after the construction of the proposed $5.3 billion Western Sydney Airport airport at Badgerys Creek that will provide an increase in employment and infrastructure. A deal signed in March 2018 promises to deliver a transformation of Sydney’s community infrastructure by providing first-class rail, road and aviation facilities. The new deal also plans to deliver affordable housing choices for both residents and builders with access to services, transport and great design.
To take care of the growing and diverse population, Penrith is a perfectly balanced city that supports employment, lifestyle, affordable housing and facilities. There are already plans underway to address the growing needs of the city for future transport corridors, quite a lot of it based on community feedback.
Think Conveyancing Penrith has proven expertise in delivering effective and efficient property solutions. By providing a comprehensive level of service, we ensure our clients are happy. With fast turnaround times guaranteed. Our legal team always keep our clients in the loop, updating you on every step of the process. Our unique 24-hour contact availability ensures you can have any question answered, anytime. If you are looking for the number one name in Penrith city, call us.
Known as the adventure capital of NSW, it is situated only 50-minutes away from Sydney, next to the Blue Mountains. With a wide variety of restaurants, local attractions like the Museum and a vibrant community, Penrith is an attractive option to buy a first home or investment property for your portfolio. This area continues to grow, attracting local and outside investors alike.
The team at Think Penrith has the comprehensive training and full accreditation required to deliver results. As a fully accredited member of The Law Society New South Wales, you know you can trust our team. Our staff understands not only the intricate framework of NSW property law. But how to deliver holistic customer service. For the market leader on every conveyancing Penrith project, contact our Penrith or Sydney team today!
Get A Transparent Detailed Price

Enjoy the legal advice of a full-service law firm at affordable rates. Get a quote today and see our prices.

We’ll email it to you straight away.
Get A Transparent Detailed Price

Enjoy the legal advice of a full-service law firm at affordable rates. Get a quote today and see our prices.

We’ll email it to you straight away.