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Going to Auction or Need To Be Sure About Your Contract?

Get A Pre-Purchase Contract Review

Play it safe and have your documents checked by a Conveyancing Lawyer before going to auction or committing to a legally binding purchase. Send us your contract to get:
  • Line-by-line Contract Review by a Qualified Conveyancing Lawyer.
  • Discover Red Flags before they become expensive mistakes.
  • Get A Section 10.7 & Contract Of Sale Review For Only $89.
  • FREE 20-Minute Consultation, Trusted By 12,000+ Australians.
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What Our Recent Clients Say About Us…

The Contract Is BINDINGThe Moment You Sign

Due to the significance of your transaction, we insist on a written review.

Written reviews allow us to provide legal advice that is:


Our reviews are procedural and systemized.
We audit the contract against our “best practice checklist”.
This allows us to find risks before they become costly mistakes.


We comment on and explain risks discovered. No questions should be left unanswered. We also include suggestions to rebalance the contract in your favour.


The review will help you decide if the property is right for you. We also include suggested amendments and special conditions. The specific wording is drafted for your convenience and protection.

At Think Conveyancing We Never

Compromise On Quality.

Our reviews are backed by our professional indemnity insurance.

You’ll enjoy the demonstrated experience of a Conveyancing Lawyer

who has done hundreds of contract reviews in his or her career.

What Happens When You Get A Review?

We suggest you take these actions to get the best outcome.

Situation Investigation

Read the Contract of Sale and enclosed documents and take note of items of concern. While reading the documents, think about your plans and wants.

Email Contract of Sale and enclosed documents to cs@thinkconveyancing.com.au. Tell us your future plans for the property. This will affect how we approach the review. e.g. home, investment, further development etc.

Include your questions, needs and anything else that may affect the settlement. We’ll provide guidance to give you the best chance of reaching your needs and wants.

Contract Diagnostics

As soon as we get the contract, we’ll create you a Matter and assign you an experienced Lawyer on the same day. We will complete the review within 48 hours.

Your Lawyer will read your questions, and call to introduce himself/herself and have a brief chat about your concerns. Your Lawyer will hone into what is important to you.

Legal Advice And Next Steps

When the review is complete, we’ll upload it as a file to our online portal. You’ll be given a link – once you have paid by credit card – it will be available for your download.

The document will highlight risks and may suggest investigation with 3rd parties (like the council or body corporate) to clarify or confirm items of concern.

We include suggestions on amendments and special conditions for the contract. You will need to negotiate with your Agent to have the contract updated. This is as easy as copy-pasting and emailing the Agent.

REMEMBER: Reviews are used to IMPROVE your
contract BEFORE you sign.

As part of the service, your Lawyer will audit the

PART A – The Contract Of Sale, and PART B – The Enclosed Documents.



Contract Of Sale Review
The Contract Of Sale sets the rules, payment terms and exceptions that all parties must agree to. It defines the when and how the sale will happen. It also explains the consequences; should the process not go to plan. Your Lawyer will add value by providing:

Providing Warnings:

Your Lawyer will draw your attention to areas – in their experience – that have caused issues. They will also highlight paperwork errors, risks and points of concern.

Suggestions On Negotiations:

The Contract is often one-sided and in strong favour to the Vendor. Our Lawyers are familiar with what is unreasonable and will suggest opportunities to rebalance the terms.

A Clear Explanation:

We’ll decode the legal jargon and use clear everyday English. The report will give you an understanding of your legal obligations should you choose to sign and purchase.

You have the most power to negotiate before signing. Take advantage. The written review will give you instructions on how to rectify errors (if any) and rebalance the contract fairly in your favour.
REMEMBER: A contract review should be conducted prior to the exchange of contracts as part of the pre-exchange negotiation between the prospective purchaser & vendor. It is when your Lawyer peruses the Contract of Sale to note the following:
  • Any special conditions in the contract that may positively/negatively affect you as the purchaser;
  • Any dealing with the Title that may affect the proprietor’s use of the property;
  • Confirm the improvements/inclusions/exclusions with the sale of the property.


Enclosed Documents Review
As part of our service, your Lawyer will look for any invisible legal aspects that may adversely affect you. This is done by reviewing the attached search certificates/enclosed documents which discloses the title particulars, encumbrances and restrictions attached to the property. For example:
“Dear Client, did you know that NSW Government plans to claim your front yard for road widening? And that you can’t improve your property – new pool, garage or extensions – due to the restrictions that come with having overhead power lines crossing your property? Are you sure you still want this property?”
The searches we check include:

Title Search

Confirm the seller has rights to sell the property and determine any legal encumbrances or easements that may affect your enjoyment of the property.

OSR Clearance Certificate

Outstanding payment of land tax due to the Office of State Revenue. Determine if any amount of land tax is owing to Office of State Revenue.

Sewerage Diagram

Determine any issues which can be identified on the Sewerage Diagram such as if there are any works not finalised, requirement for final inspection or works not in compliance.

S10.7 (formerly S149) Certificate

You may be unable to subdivide or build certain structures on the land. The Lawyer will check if you are able to realise your plans for the property.

Copy of Plan

Confirm that you are buying the right property. There have been rare occasions (property can look similar on paper) when the buyer has purchased the wrong property.

General Conditions

Final checks to ensure details are as expected and the most up to date Standard General Conditions are inserted to best protect your interest.

Our Contract Reviews Go Beyond The Typical “Free” Review…

Our Written Reviews are performed by qualified Conveyancing LAWYERS, and should not be compared to a review conducted by an Agent or “just a Conveyancer”.

Our Lawyers have the depth and breadth of knowledge in property law, and they must be up to date with the latest legislation. This is not the case for Agents or Conveyancers.
A lawyer is backed by their qualifications, certification and professional indemnity insurance. We are obligated to give the BEST advice, with dire consequences if we advise on anything that could jeopardise our clients’ interests.
We are your advocate and understand you will have competing voices – your agent, broker, friends and family – each giving you conflicting advice. It is our job to provide you with measured advice according to our strict professional ethical codes. For your protection, we may tell you what you don’t want to hear.
Lastly, we hate surprise costs as much as you, so the price for our written review is FIXED.
Yes, I Want A Written Contract Review

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Option 2: Speak To Our Concierge

Have a casual no-obligation chat with our Concierge. We’re happy to walk you through the process and give you a detailed quote.

Call 1300 932 738

8 AM to 9 PM

8 AM to 8 PM

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