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Conveyancing Townsville

Whether it is the serenity of magnetic island, the seaside of Balgal beach, the array of markets and or just to experience its tropical relaxed culture, it doesn’t look like bad time to buy in Townsville. Its population is made up of mostly young couples with over 55% of properties rented. As Townsville’s tourism market continues to grow into one of Australia’s biggest holiday attractions, and with the rise of international investors, we will no doubt see a change in the price of Townsville property. Whether you are looking to buy or sell in Townsville, you will need an experienced are here to provide you with the best Conveyancer in Townsville or alternatively, contact conveyancing Sunshine Coast. Call us today for a chat! Fixed Fee Pricing From $400 Best Price Guarantee. No-cost FREE quote from Townsville’s cheapest conveyancers. Get on time settlements without compromising on your protection. 1300 932 738

What We Offer


Our expertly trained, experienced lawyers are dedicated to delivering awesome, customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to ensuring buyers and sellers are comfortable, prepared and happy with every transfer of property. All our Brisbane Conveyancing deals deliver value, skill and service to you! For other options, contact Conveyancing Melbourne.


If you are selling, or buying property, Think Conveyancing Brisbane can interact with each of the parties engaged with the property transaction. Our Think Conveyancing Brisbane group will submit, organise and manage all of your legal documents for you. For your convenience we also prepare and review contracts for you. We always take care to look after your interests are ensure your expectations are met on each and every deal.


No Conveyancer Brisbane wide is as dedicated to our customers as Think Conveyancing. We are committed to our work and there’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing people get through the property investment process unscathed. Our philosophy is to bring the skill, attention and experience of a big city law firm, without the extreme legal costs.

“Our philosophy is to bring the skill, attention and experience of a big city law firm, without the extreme legal costs.”

“My girlfriend and I were excited to buy our first home in Townsville but didn’t know of the risks that could affect us. After speaking with Melissa, we knew we were in good hands. She explained that one of their lawyers could review the contract and advise us of any unusual risks with buying the property. Having Lisa Lane review the Contract put us in a position to negotiate the terms of sale. I highly recommend”

Cora Gordon | Flinders St,Townsville

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Simplified Conveyancing

The golden rule to remember when buying property is: What you see is not what you get. An inspection of the house sheds on light on the unfavourable terms that may be lurking around in the Contract of Sale. That is why a contract review is so crucial. If ever you need a Conveyancer in Townsville to review the contract, can help to ensure you are getting what you’re paying for.

“If you want professional conveyancing in Townsville, our team of lawyer is available around the clock right up until settlement. Our property solicitors are committed to explaining the transaction to you and helping to ensure you meet the strict compliance obligations in each transaction. I’d argue our team are the best solicitors in Townsville!”

Trinh Thai
LL.B (Hons) / BSC (HONS)
Associate Legal Director

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