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Document, contract, review. Maybe it is my training. Maybe it’s the years I’ve been around property conveyancing. Maybe its just because I have seen too many good people burnt, but I must insist that you get a contract. No, not a flick through while your on the phone… a proper, thorough review, with standards and structure. Something supervised by a practitioner with experience and an broad appreciation for what it is you are trying to achieve.

Sometimes at Think we are told, Such and Such says they will do a Review for free and our Customer Concierge team is cajoled by customers who see our great onine reviews and want our service experience, but don’t want to pay for a review. I encourage the team to be candid – our reply – you get what you pay for.

Document, contract, review.Why we don’t give reviews away free is because they are the most important part of the purchasing process. CRITICAL. Accordingly, they should be given the attention they deserve. In our business that means reading EVERY line and giving written advice. That’s practitioner time. Both time to review, time to draw up written advice and time to explain or answer any questions a client might have. This is at the core of the purchase – a client UNDERSTANDING what they are entering into, usually the largest financial decision of their lives.

Now we invest heavily in our team. They are trained, experienced and have a service culture around them, I am very proud of them. They take heavily the responsibility to look after the people who trust us with this significant process – so it seems nonsensical to me, that someone doing their job to the best of their ability and with the same level of attention to detail and time taken as a firm like ours, could give it away. It not possible. The reasons I know, is because if I could.. I would. But some things, good things, costs. This being one of them.

Now I am aware that not all practitioners take this attitude to reviews, for the life of me I cannot understand why. What VALUE are they adding by giving a half baked glance at a contract. Are they honouring their professional obligation to put the interests of the clients as no.1. I don’t dare speak on the behalf of another, but I do say this…. In the absence of a thorough contract review, I would not let my own Mother sign a contract, so in applying that standard, I would caution you too not to.

What Should a Contract review include:

A proper review should include both an examination of the Section 32 and the Contract of sale. It should be written (so you can rely on it later should you have any questions or a dispute should arise). It should point out the usual terms, the key obligations, dates and times and it should then examine and draw to a potential purchasers attention unusual or unique aspects of the property of the contract, that warrant consideration. At a minimum, that’s what we do here at Think Conveyancing.

If you have a unique purpose for entering into the transaction, we also take that into consideration when preparing Your advice.

Why our reviews are the best in the business

Aside from providing written reviews here at Think, it is our practice to also invite all our potential purchasers to take part in a phone discussion with the practitioner who prepared the review. This means, YOU the purchaser get to Review our Written advice and then ask us any questions which may arise relating to that advice, ensuring you get the most out of the work that has been done AND understand exactly what it is that you enter into.

Secondly, before a Review gets to you, we have an industry leading Quality system in place. All our reviews are reviewed twice. Why? Because we take this seriously. That’s how we know we deliver on point every time. WE don’t leave it to chance and we don’t leave it to a single practitioner, we are a team and we deliver as a team. Whilst you will always have a go to practitioner, know this, we review twice 100% of our Contract Reviews to ensure the high standard you expect from us is always maintained.

All this in 24-48 hours, no exception. That’s how we got to be the No.1 Conveyancing Firm in Australia and that’s why more than 90% of our existing customers would recommend us to their family and friends. Click here to contact us now and we will get back to you within the next 24 hours to give you a no-cost, obligation-free consultation.

 What you need to Know about the writer.
Christopher (as his Mother still calls him!) is an avid reader and online contributor, with an inexplicable affection for Coca-Cola, real estate, Japanese micro housing, design, food, coffee and Pinterest.  He wishes he understood more about twitter, was as fit as he ‘thinks he is’ and spoke more languages.  All things he is trying to change. Holding degrees in Accounting, Law and Marketing Christopher tries not to take himself or his subject matter too seriously. He is a leading spokesman and consumer advocate of the Conveyancing Industry in the media and online, having founded ThinkConveyancing.com.au and grown it to be the No.1 Conveyancing Firm in Australia according to independent sources.

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