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Death by paperwork may be the funny term given to the risk of drowning in real estate documents, but when you’re buying or selling property, it’s no laughing matter!

If you’ve ever transacted property before, you’ll know that it involves a lot of document preparation and review, such as the contract of sale, land titles, transfer documents, and duties forms. Processing these property sales documents is the domain of a conveyancer, who is an essential member of your real estate team.

There are several reasons why Queensland property buyers in particular need to hire a qualified conveyancer, including following:

A conveyancer can handle any type of property transaction

A conveyancer can provide guidance and support for almost any type of property transaction – whether you’re buying or selling the property, updating a title due to inheritance or estate transfers, or even just registering a covenant or an easement. In all of these cases, there are legal documents that need to be updated, and your conveyancer can assist.

A conveyancer knows the ins and outs of property transactions in Queensland.

Your conveyancer for a Queensland-based property transaction is based in the state, and they know the requirements for the sale to be legally finalised and filed with the registry. They know all the documents that are required before, during, and after the sale of the property, and can assist with ensuring you meet all the obligations of settling your property by the settlement date.

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A conveyancer helps you save time and effort.

With a conveyancer on your team, you do not need to do the actual nitty gritty work of calculating adjustments or filing of the documents yourself. Your only job is to focus on negotiating the sale of the property, as the time, effort and hassle of collating and organising all the required documents and adjustments are handled by the conveyancer.

For instance, consider the fact that council rates are paid by the current owner until a certain date. Your conveyancer will calculate how many days of council rates have been paid; how many of these days are post-settlement; and will arrange a financial ‘adjustment’ between buyer and seller to account for this. These little tasks add up, and having a conveyancer handle them for you saves you time and stress.

A conveyancer can help you avoid any legal pitfalls.

Though not all conveyancers are lawyers – all conveyancers in Queensland have legal qualifications, but some have more legal expertise than others – you can be sure that your Queensland-licensed conveyancer is knowledgeable when it comes to Queensland property laws. They are required to thoroughly study these rules and regulations, giving you peace of mind that they can help you avoid legal mistakes and pitfalls.

If you are buying or selling property in Queensland, you should look for a licensed conveyancer who is an expert in Queensland property laws. At Think Conveyancing, many of our solicitors are qualified and experienced in handling conveyancing transactions in several states and territories across the country. Every state has its own set of property rules and it’s important to work with a legal professional who is experienced in your specific state or territory.   If you have any questions about your property transaction or the conveyancing process in general,or to request a free quote, call us on 1300 932 738 to speak with one of our team members today.