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9 Property Contract Phrases Explained In Layman Terms

Property contracts can be hard to decipher by yourself, which is why it makes good sense to hire a conveyancer to help you navigate the path forward.

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How Much Should A Conveyancer Cost?

When choosing a conveyancer for your property purchase or sale, it’s always a good idea to consider their experience and reputation. That said, an important factor that could sway you from one conveyancer to another is the price.

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What Does A Conveyancer Actually Do?

Unless you’re a lawyer with plenty of free time on your hands, you will need a professional conveyancer to handle the legalities of purchasing or selling a property. When you hand over your hard-earned money to a conveyancer, what are they actually doing for you?

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Hi-Tech Lawyers Do It Online

Picture this. It’s just before Christmas. A client is anxious to settle their several hundred thousand dollar property to realise their investment. Your legal staff have already spent 40 minutes on the phone booking settlement.

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Meet Luke

Here are we often hear from clients of other firms who are part way through their conveyancing process and who are frustrated or disappointed with the service they are receiving and because of the stress they are experiencing, they are wanting to change conveyancers.

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The Difference Between A Lawyer And Conveyancer

What Is The Difference Between A Lawyer And Conveyancer

So you’ve decided to sell or buy a property. You need someone who can represent you in the preparation of all documentation necessary to settle the Property.

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