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Here are ThinkConveyancing.com.au we often hear from clients of other firms who are part way through their conveyancing process and who are frustrated or disappointed with the service they are receiving and because of the stress they are experiencing, they are wanting to change conveyancers. This takes a stressful situation and pushes it over into distress. Not a place you want to be as a buyer or seller. Ever. Not a place your advocate (be it conveyancer or lawyer, should be leaving you).

We often ask how they heard about the conveyancer in the first instance. And they say.. it’s a friend’s friend or worse or the cousin of their sister’s friend. No seriously – I kid you not, we have heard this! The thing is however, not all conveyancing is equal. In fact, the breadth of the service quality is immense across the industry and something which as a leader in the field, I am continuously concerned and disappointed by.

Being a conveyancer is part technician, part sheep herder, part counsellor. We touch on so many aspects of the human condition, that a sensitivity and a genuine concern for our clients is an essential part of the process. Tip 1, if you don’t get that sense of personal interest and care for your situation at the outset of your interaction with a potential conveyancer – move on until you find one! Tip 2, if they don’t do exactly what they say in the first instance, eg follow up with an email, then its likely you are going to have more issues with them not following through later in the process when it is more important.

Mindful of always being there to support our clients, today we have introduced a new member to our support team. Meet Luke. Its our pleasure to welcome Luke Fick to the team in the role of Customer Concierge. Luke’s role here at Think is to help our customers get the answers they need …. and fast. He is front line in supporting all new inquiries and to help assist our awesome clients throughout the conveyancing process. Working hand in hand with our dedicated practitioner group to deliver our service mandate – an AWESOME customer experience. Every time.

Sure – Luke doesn’t have all the answers. But drawing on the 20+ practitioner group available to him, there isn’t a property or conveyancing scenario he can’t get an answer to. That’s a fact. Our goal, to step up our service and continue to lead the industry by delivering the GOLD STANDARD of conveyancing.

Each of our clients matter. Individually. Luke is an essential part of us demonstrating that to you and delivering on our customer promise.

BAU – the ThinkConveyancing.com.au way. As a business, ThinkConveyancing.com.au is continuously trying to distinguish itself from its competitors through its service delivery. For us, this has meant investing heavily in technology and process, to ensure we are able to deliver a consistent experience to our many clients, all of whom have unique needs – but find themselves going through the same process.

We are not a factory. We are however ordered and prepared and we don’t do things last minute unnecessarily. All our customers have two dedicated points of contact throughout the conveyancing process. Our process is tested and set and it ensures we are able to deliver consistently high standards. Just have a look at our Facebook reviews.

You should also take comfort as a client, that the advice we give is signed off by a senior practitioner before it is sent out from the firm. This means, you are getting the Gold Standard in advice. We do not compromise on quality for anyone – that means you can rely on us.

Our view, is that not only are you retaining ThinkConveyancing.com.au to do the conveyancing process, you are engaging us as your ADVOCATE in the process. We are YOUR resource, for the time your with us, consider our knowledge available to you to support you.

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