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If a hassle-free and straightforward property transaction is your goal, then one of the most important tasks on your to do list should be to hire a qualified conveyancer. Conveyancing is the legal aspect involved in the transfer of properties from one person to another, so seeking the services of a professional conveyancer helps to ensure that you meet all your legal obligations, while also protecting your rights and minimising stress along the way.

Not all conveyancers are created equal, however. Just as you would meticulously screen a real estate agent or a mortgage broker, you should also exercise the same care when looking for a conveyancer.

Here are some tips on how to find a qualified conveyancer:

Ask colleagues for referrals:

The best referral comes from someone you know and trust. If you have friends, family members or colleagues who were recently involved in a property transaction, ask them what their experience was like and if they would recommend their conveyancer.

Seek professional opinions:

A good conveyancer will have a positive reputation in the industry, so you also want to ask your real estate agent, accountant, mortgage broker, or other trusted property expert which conveyancer they have used, or who they have heard good reports about.

Go to the source:

If you don’t know anyone personally who can refer a conveyancer to you, start with the website of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers. This organisation is the peak body representing registered, licensed and certified practising conveyancers across the country. Its website lists conveyancers in each AIC division in your state, allowing you to create a short-list of prospective conveyancers in your area.

Online searches:

When all else fails, try the Google approach! Search for conveyancers in your area and see what information you can find online. A website is like a digital business card, so narrow your search down to those conveyancers that have professional, modern and reputable websites.

Interviewing prospective conveyancers

Once you have created a list of possible conveyancers in your area, whether you’ve found them from online searching or personal referrals, it’s time to give them a call and ask them a few questions to see if they’re suitable for your needs.

Keep in mind that there are conveyancers who specialise in different types of real estate, like apartments, subdivisions, and off the plan projects, so it may be worth finding a legal practitioner who has expertise to do with the type of property you’re wanting to buy or sell.

Ask your prospective conveyancer about their fees and charges, as well as any extra costs. Also ask them about the timeframe of the transaction, and what to expect in terms of communication: will they primarily correspond through email? Regular phone calls? Or will you be expected to visit them at their office?

Don’t forget to do a background check

To make sure you’re working with a professional and reputable conveyancer with a solid track record for delivering exceptional service, you may want to do some background research about them and their previous work. Make sure their former clients are happy with the service they received and that there are no complaints against them.

Most of the time, after talking to a potential conveyancer, you will have a ‘gut feeling’ about whether this person is the right fit for you. Don’t be afraid to listen to red flags: for instance, if you are having trouble scheduling a meeting with them in the first place, or they take days to respond to your emails, then maybe this person is not very good at communicating.

Ultimately, it is your decision, so make sure that the conveyancer you choose is not just licensed and qualified, but also someone you can easily work with.

At Think Conveyancing, our goal is to help you navigate the process of buying and selling property with minimal stress. We aim to deliver exceptional customer service and invite you to contact us for an obligation-free discussion about your needs: call us at Think Conveyancing on 1300 932 738, or contact us online here.