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Ok, so let’s put it this way, this short article is predicated on a few phone calls over the last month to ThinkConveyancing.com.au from people who either a) HAVE performed DIY conveyancing in the past or b) WERE comparing our services against a DIY Solution.  Lets just say its apples and bananas… but for the purposes of this analysis lets dig deeper.

By way of disclosure, I am the GM of ThinkConveyancing.com.au | Hands down the best value conveyancer across Australia, but I am aIso a lawyer and consumer advocate and it is in that capacity that I examine this issue.  So lets jump in.  But before we do, I note, of the 4 callers who had previously gone through the DIY conveyancing process previously, all were convinced of the value and importance of retaining the services of a Conveyancer or Conveyancing Lawyer.

Practically, conveyancing is time consuming. That’s it. Conveyancing takes significant time both in attending to inquiries from the other side, but more particularly attending to the incoming and outgoing banks. Its not that its not doable, it’s that when working on a ticking time schedule, actions need to be timely and effective or it can derail settlement resulting in penalty interest being incurred or worse still Costs.

Second of all, you don’t know what you don’t know. I often hear clients say to the team, I read it and it looks ok to me. Unfortunately, when I hear it as a lawyer, ALARM BELLS ring in my head. Why? Because we are all a victim of our own knowledge. I have heard and seen too much of what CAN go wrong. A good advocate should immediately reply, “But do you know what is missing?” This is the benefit of experience, to know what has been excluded can be as equally problematic.

Thirdly, as referred to in my earlier article MEET LUKE Conveyancers are part technician, part coach, part counsellor. Buying and Selling is stressful. Very stressful. In fact one of the top 10 most stressful things to go on in your life. Some research suggesting even more so than getting a divorce. A good conveyancer should attempt to bring rigour and process to what can otherwise feel like a wild ride, through anticipating what comes next. Unfortunately, they can’t take the stress out of it, but they can help to manage it. If your too close to the subject matter, then that may affect your judgment and delivery of what is needed to be done.

Finally and most obviously, the simplest answer as to why to retain a professional to do conveyancing work…..drum roll…… Insurance. Professional Indemnity insurance. Buying or selling any property, be it a home or investment, residential or commercial – is big business. Big dollar business. And its fair to say even for the most avid of investors it is an infrequent transaction. Lawyers are required to hold professional indemnity insurance at all times, meaning, you can rely heavily on the advice that is given to you. This advice, must – in accordance with their professional standards put your interests first. Should they make a mistake you are protected. This peace of mind, if only for the purposes of recourse in the event of an error cannot be underestimated. Do you drive your car uninsured? Then why would you spend ten times the amount and not takes steps to insure the workmanship? In these terms, the decision is easy.

If you need assistance in getting from where you are, to where you need to be with as minimal fuss – don’t hesitate to call the ThinkConveyancing.com.au Customer Concierge they are standing by to assist. Call now 1300 932 738.


christopher.lane What you need to Know about the writer.
Christopher (as his Mother still calls him!) is an avid reader and online contributor, with an inexplicable affection for Coca-Cola, real estate, Japanese micro housing, design, food, coffee and Pinterest.  He wishes he understood more about twitter, was as fit as he ‘thinks he is’ and spoke more languages.  All things he is trying to change. Holding degrees in Accounting, Law and Marketing Christopher tries not to take himself or his subject matter too seriously. He is a leading spokesman and consumer advocate of the Conveyancing Industry in the media and online, having founded ThinkConveyancing.com.au and grown it to be the No.1 Conveyancing Firm in Australia according to independent sources.

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