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What Interstate Buyers Need to Know About Buying Property in Queensland

As investors look for the next opportunity to make money out of the property market, many are turning their attention to Queensland.

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Be Ready: Bidding in the QLD Property Market

Queensland is the market that’s always on buyers’ minds as an affordable alternative to New South Wales and Victoria. It is starting to pick up on the auction market front, with clearance rates rising across the state as more investors pour in.

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Checklist: 5 Things to Remember Before Making an Offer on a House in Queensland

As one of the most affordable property markets in Australia at present, buyers on a budget are turning to Queensland. But while this might be a good time to be buying in the Sunshine State, your property search doesn’t end with simply finding the perfect house.

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4 Strategies to get the Competitive Edge When Buying in a Hot Market

Competition is what keeps an industry on its toes. It is what pushes people to be at their most creative, tests their savvy and tries their passion. The property industry is no different

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Hidden Things You Should Look at Before Buying a Home in Queensland

Queensland is making a name for itself as one of Australia’s most affordable growth states when it comes to property.

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Why Queensland Property Buyers Need a Conveyancer

Death by paperwork may be the funny term given to the risk of drowning in real estate documents, but when you’re buying or selling property, it’s no laughing matter!

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9 Property Contract Phrases Explained In Layman Terms

Property contracts can be hard to decipher by yourself, which is why it makes good sense to hire a conveyancer to help you navigate the path forward.

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5 Interview Questions To Ask Your Conveyancer

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life, so it’s important that the purchasing process runs smoothly. Key to this process is your conveyancer, as they make sure the legal transfer between the seller and buyer goes off without a hitch.

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How Much Does Conveyancing Cost?

When choosing a conveyancer for your property purchase or sale, it’s always a good idea to consider their experience and reputation. That said, an important factor that could sway you from one conveyancer to another is the price.

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How to sell your home

How To Sell Your House: The Complete Guide

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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