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The depths of winter are always a time for reflection on where we live! No doubt, many an interstate move has been inspired by the plunging temperatures of a winter that just went on too long (Can anyone in VIC or TAS hear me?!) Others are induced by the thought of colder temperatures and the experience of all the seasons in the full… Whatever the motivation, recently across our national practice, we have seen an upswing in the number of purchasers buying interstate.

This has raised the concern of a number of practitioners about just how little some potential buyers know when they buy interstate, mainly because they rely on the assumptions that the rules in their home state apply elsewhere. So let’s call that Myth 1.

Honestly, the list of differences near outweighs the similarities, save as to, the result at the end of the process. What is relevant to you as an interstate purchaser, is that you recognise the limitations of your knowledge in the new jurisdiction and take advice along the way in order to ensure you are adequately protected. The team at ThinkConveyancing.com.au have available to them a wealth of resources to help them explain to you, in the language of your local state, the process of the the interstate purchase (or sale) location. This should be the first step in your process. Remember, your conveyancer is only doing their job well, when they are advocating for your interests. That’s what the team at Think Conveyancing do best.


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