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Over the recent months I have been surprised at the number of conversations being handled by our customer concierge department of customers who chose to go with an alternate conveyancer and later call back disgruntled or distressed. As someone who genuinely cares about others, I find this distressing. There are a variety of reasons that give rise to that moment when the customer of another office is so concerned that they reach out to another service provider for further support, none of them good.
I was reminded of this again when one of our fantastic practitioners was approached (after settlement) by the client on the other side of the matter, to act in their subsequent transaction for them, citing ‘ you were all over the last transaction – organised. I wanted you to represent me going forward.’ In that moment I beamed with pride as the practitioner had delivered on our service promise.
Having the opportunity to LOVE what you do, is a privilege I am afforded in my role at ThinkConveyancing.com.au.  Finding people to join us, that grow with us and deliver that experience to our amazing clients is both an honour and a privilege. So, whilst todays blog post might be short. It undoubtedly packs a punch. If your buying, selling or transferring and you want to work with a team that is committed to your best outcome, then you need look no further than here. #TeamThink #Wearethink (as we refer to ourselves) are some of the brightest and the best in the industry. I am so proud of our customer concierge team that they have built enough genuine rapport with clients and provided such valuable insight that the clients remember them even after having gone with someone else and when the rubber hits the road so to speak, reach out to them.
This is a true reflection of our culture that I am proud of.  I am equally proud of the talented practitioner group who daily deliver the highest quality service to our clients. Thanks to each of you that continue to trust us with your transaction. We understand it’s a stressful time, but we are with you to make it an awesome customer experience, every time. #TEAMTHINKROCKS #WORKWITHTHEBEST #APPLESAINTAPPLES