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Risks When Buying New and Old Properties

When you purchase a property, whether for investment or to live in, there are always risks involved. As an astute buyer, it’s up to you to do as much as you can to mitigate these risks.

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Property Market Trends In 2017

Buying property is a quintessentially Australian part of life in the land down under. It’s such a popular past-time that around half a million properties are purchased across the country every single year, according to the Reserve Bank of Australia.

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Does Conveyancing Cost More For Expensive Properties?

Conveyancing fees are an expense you need to factor in when buying or selling a property. But many property buyers want to know: does the cost of your conveyancer change depending on the price of your property?

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Conveyancing and Tax: What Can You Claim on Your Tax Return?

Australia may be one of the only countries in the world where its people look forward to tax time. At least, Australian property investors do; they are always excited about end of financial year, because property investors have access to numerous tax deductions!

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