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Buying in New South Wales

uying in New South Wales – assemble your team with caution to ensure you get what you’re paying for. Most people who arrive on our blog are somewhere along the process of buying or selling a property.

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A Guide to Buying Property in VICTORIA

As a new lawyer it was often my own assumptions about what others understood that would catch me out. Overtime I began to take notice of these assumptions and more carefully articulate them and their importance to my clients in order for them to appreciate the importance of some of the advice I was putting forward.

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QLD - FAQ - Seller

Queensland FAQ – Seller (June 2016)

Lets just say it as it is. Selling a house or apartment is stressful. For most of us, we do it so infrequently that the process is both foreign and daunting, not to mention the significant amount of $$$ that are involved.

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Buying Interstate

The depths of winter are always a time for reflection on where we live! No doubt, many an interstate move has been inspired by the plunging temperatures of a winter that just went on too long (Can anyone in VIC or TAS hear me?!) Others are induced by the thought of colder temperatures and the experience of all the seasons in the full… Whatever the motivation, recently across our national practice, we have seen an upswing in the number of purchasers buying interstate.

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Victoria FAQ - Buyer (June 2016)

Victoria FAQ - Buyer (June 2016)

Can you review a contract and section 32 for me? Yes, we specialise in contract and section 32 reviews for both residential and off-the-plan properties.

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Queensland FAQ - Buyer (June 2016)

Can I terminate the Contract during the Cooling Off Period and if so, what are the consequences?

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