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Queensland FAQ - Buyer (May 2016)

The standard purchase and sale of a residential Property in Queensland will usually be evidenced by a standard Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) Contract or its equivalents. Whilst these sort of Contracts contain standard terms, it is important that you have a qualified conveyancer or solicitor review it before signing to confirm that the Contract has been completed properly.

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QLD - FAQ - Seller

Queensland FAQ - Seller (May 2016)

Selling your Property is a time of great uncertainty and often confusion. Many clients tell us they don’t even know where to start. That makes sense when it’s a process you do, on average, every 7 years.

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So, you're buying a place.

Some of our customers describe the process like jumping out of a plane with out a parachute. They know they are being managed and cajoled into a HUGE life decision, but they lack the experience and objectivity to assess the terms of the purchase. Many opting instead to just JUMP and take the risks… whatever that may be.

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An interesting Purchaser Dilemma

Did you know that any promise made during the purchase promise MUST be reflected in the contract of sale in order for it to be binding? Well its true. Everything.

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Why You Should Always Work With A Conveyancer Who Holds A Statutory Trust Account

The Team at would welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique circumstance and give you a personalised quote based on your specific needs. Call our Customer Concierge Team on 1300 932 738 now and get the process started.

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Why You Should Never Use The REIV Standard Contract Of Sale

Whilst it is essential that a Contract of Sale be used to constitute a Sale of Property in Victoria and the REIV Standard Contract is the deferred norm, a Seller must consider the protection of their interests in the drafting of the contract and act accordingly.

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