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Seller Disclosure

The Importance of a Section 32 to a Seller.

Did you know that the Section 32 is a compulsory document required by all sellers of real property in Victoria? Most people from Victoria have head about it, but in our experience here at Think Conveyancing very few understand its purpose and how it protects them, especially Sellers.

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Hi-tech lawyers do it online

Picture this. It’s just before Christmas. A client is anxious to settle their several hundred thousand dollar property to realise their investment. Your legal staff have already spent 40 minutes on the phone booking settlement.

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DIY Conveyancing – cheap yes. Value NO.

Ok, so let’s put it this way, this short article is predicated on a few phone calls over the last month to from people who either a) HAVE performed DIY conveyancing in the past or b) WERE comparing our services against a DIY Solution.

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Price Value Scale Concept

Conveyancing – where is the value?

The conveyancing marketplace, like most industries, is make up a of a wide cross section of service levels. From Cheap and not so cheerful through to High End Law firms the breadth of pricing reflects the different cost structures behind the respective firms.

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Meet Luke

Here are we often hear from clients of other firms who are part way through their conveyancing process and who are frustrated or disappointed with the service they are receiving and because of the stress they are experiencing, they are wanting to change conveyancers.

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