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Greater Stamp Duty Exemptions for First Home Buyers

Multiple government grants are giving first home buyers a big boost onto the property ladder! Stamp duty will be temporarily scrapped in NSW, plus they can apply for the existing First Home Owners Grant and HomeBuilder grant. read more

How to Make Your Home Pet Safe

When buying or renting a new home, it’s likely we’ll consider all the safety aspects of having humans in the house, especially little ones. However, whilst over fifty percent of all homes have pets living in them, do we take the time and trouble to consider them, as...

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The Futuristic Gadgets Looking To Revolutionise Home Design

Gadgets are a staple part of our everyday life now, whether we like it or not. We’re fast becoming a world that is tech-addicted and for those of us who lead increasingly busy lives, it’s a good thing. We work long hours and our free time is precious. If we can make...

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Top Tips to Childproof Your New Home

You’ve just moved into your new home and you want to make it the safest and happiest place possible for everyone in the family. One of the biggest concerns parents have, is childproofing their home, especially if they have a new born baby or a toddler to raise. There...

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Tips To Make Your Home More Accessible

Lifestyle changes, adapting to illness or mobility issues, or simply the natural ageing process means that we sometimes have to re-assess the way we live and adapt our homes accordingly. We all want to make sure we’re as comfortable and relaxed as possible in our own...

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17 Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-friendly

We’re all becoming more aware for the need to be eco-friendly, and these days many of us do the basics, such as recycling rubbish, without really thinking about it too much. However, looking at the wider picture, there are lots of different ways - some big, some small...

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