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As conveyancing only law firm, we’re here to make your transfer of property a success. No matter your situation, we can help you with a comprehensive “done-for-you” transfer service:
  • Transfer of Property To Your Spouse (Wife/Husband);
  • Transfer Ownership Of House To Family / Your Children;
  • Deceased Estate (Deceased Persons) Transfer;
  • Transfer Due To Separation / Divorce;
  • Court Order / Prenuptial Transfers.
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What Our Recent Clients Say About Us…
What To Expect With Our Transfer of Property Service
  • You Need To Transfer Property
  • Call Us About Your Transfer
  • Complete Our Questionnaire
  • Lawyer Reviews Your Documents
  • Transfer Conveyancing Starts
  • Congratulations! Property Transferred
  • Sell The Property (If You Want)
You Need To Transfer Property
Need to transfer property from one party to another? We can help. Depending on your circumstances, you will need either:
A) A Standard Transfer
  • E.g You need to transfer property from “Parent to Child”, “Husband & Wife” to “Wife Only”, “Sister and Brother” to “Brother Only”, “Business Partners”, “Friend to Friend”;
  • You have no financial agreement or desire to exchange money between parties;
  • All parties must be alive, with no court documents.
B) A Court Order / Binding Financial Agreement / Prenuptial Transfer
  • E.g You are going through a divorce or going to court;
  • You have stamped and signed court or binding financial agreement documents;
  • You are amicable, and on speaking terms with the other party.
C) A Deceased Estate (Deceased Persons) Transfer
  • E.g Death of a partner with remaining party wanting to assume sole ownership;
  • E.g Death of a partner with remaining party wanting to add children;
  • Transmission, Probate and Death Certificate have been completed.
D) You Want To Sell Your Property After A Successful Transfer
  • E.g Children inheriting property but opting to sell rather than hold;
  • E.g “Death of a Partner” with remaining party opting to sell.
What You Need: A Conveyancing Lawyer to make your transfer a success.

Next step: Play it safe, give us a call.
Call Us About Your Transfer
Give us a call and our Concierge will explain the process. To adequately brief the Lawyer, our Concierge will also ask:
  • What type of property is it?
  • Who are you transferring to?
  • What is the purpose of the transfer?
If your happy with the process and wish to proceed, we will assign you:
  • A Conveyancing Lawyer to provide legal advice;
  • A local Conveyancer to perform the transfer;
  • And a Concierge to look after you;
Our transfer process can be done entirely online via phone, post and email.
There’s no need for you to travel. We’re here to make it easy.
What you get: A team experienced in transfers.

Next step: Complete the Online Transfer Questionnaire.
Complete Our Questionnaire
Your Concierge will give you a private link to the Online Transfer Questionnaire form that you must complete. This will give the Lawyer the legal details required for the transfer.
This includes:
  • The full legal name of the Transferors and Transferees;
  • Property Address being transferred;
You will also be required to send support documentation like the Signed Court Orders, Binding Financial Agreements, Trust Deeds, any other legal certificates.
What you get: A sure process to fully brief your Lawyer.

Next step: Send the supporting documents.  
Lawyer Reviews Your Documents
As soon as the Questionnaire is completed and the documents are received, the Lawyer will review your instructions and audit the documents.
This involves cross-checking all details to make sure you fulfil the statutory requirements.
Once the Lawyer is satisfied, the Lawyer will direct your assigned Conveyancer to start the transfer.
What you get: Your documents checked and a transfer procedure to best accommodate your situation.
Next step: Sit back while the team does your transfer/conveyance..
Transfer Conveyancing Starts
Conveyancing is the legal process of changing the ownership of property from one party to another. In this step, we will transfer the property title and ownership of property from the Transferors to the Transferees.
As part of our sophisticated process, your Lawyer will brief and direct your Conveyancer. As an added measure of protection, the Lawyer will always be required to sign off on all of the Conveyancers work.
Your Conveyancer will:
  • Hold your hands throughout the transferring process;
  • Organise, anticipate and make sure you meet all statutory requirements;
  • Double confirm and get sign-off from the Lawyer;
  • Order the required Title Searches and Optional Searches;
  • Should anything go wrong, work hand in hand with the Lawyer;
  • Set the groundwork for a successful transfer
What makes us different? We are considered in what we do, and if anything goes wrong – which is why you hired a Law Firm – we will do the work to get you out of it. We’ve got you.
What you get: Trusted advisors that will take care of you.

Next step: The final transfer.
Congratulations! Property Transferred
The final step is Settlement. That’s day when the property title is updated, and the Transferee has formal ownership of the property.
In this step, the Title and official documents are checked, confirmed by all parties, and the transfer is agreed upon.
We’ll let you know of our success and will send an email with the confirmation and details.
What you get: A successful transfer using a Lawyer / Conveyancer teamwork approach.
Next step: Optional Sale
Sell The Property (If You Want)
At your request we can:
  • Draft a bulletproof contract that best protects your sale;
  • Guide you through the process of Sellers conveyancing;
  • Set the groundwork for you to reach an on-time settlement.
As we are already familiar with your property, we would be the best equipped to see you to a safe, successful settlement.
What you get: An on-time conveyance enjoyed by 10,000+ happy Australians!
Next Steps: If you need a trusted Conveyancer to do your transfer,
or you just want to know the price of our transfer service, why not…

Why Choose Us As Your Transfer?

  • Fixed Professional Legal Fee
  • Responsive 7-day Legal Support
  • 100% Online, No Need To Travel
  • 10,000+ Successful Settlements
  • In-House Conveyancing Only Lawyers
  • 5-stars in Facebook, TrustPilot, Google
  • Experienced, Local Conveyancers
  • Largest National Conveyancing Law Firm
  • Award Winning Law Firm
  • Affordable Sharply Competitive Prices
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The fastest and easiest way to find out how we can help is to call us on
1300 932 738 or click the button below to get a free no-obligation email quote.
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