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What Our Recent Clients Say About Us…
What To Expect With Our Sellers Conveyancing Service
  • You Want To Sell Property
  • Contract Of Sale Drafted
  • Wait For A Serious Buyer
  • Your Conveyancing Starts
  • Ensure Fair Adjustments
  • Settlement Attendance
  • Congratulations On The Sale!
You Want To Sell Property
As part of the Sales process, you need a Conveyancing Solicitor
If You Have A Real Estate Agent
  • The Agent would have told you to nominate a Conveyancing Law Firm;
  • The Lawyer will draft your Contract of Sale and Vendor Disclosure Documents;
  • A Conveyancer makes sure the Contract Of Sale is carried out correctly;
  • The Conveyancer will work with multiple parties to get you to settlement.
If You Are Selling Privately
  • You need to have a Contract Of Sale and Vendor Disclosures drafted;
  • And you need a Lawyer/Solicitor to do this for you;
  • You will also benefit from someone guiding you.
What You Have Now: Confusion, worry, and the need for somebody to help. It’s an expensive time, so you want to find the best value conveyancing law firm.

Next steps: Play it safe and give us a call.
Contract Of Sale Drafted
Speak to a Conveyancing Lawyer for Drafting…
Having a Lawyer draft your required Contract of Sale and Vendor Disclosure Documents is the most value-added step of the entire transaction. This is where you will benefit from legal advice that will further bind the Buyer to their purchase.
And did you know, depending on the state, a Buyer could walk away – mid-sale, without any consequences – if the Contract Of Sale or Vendor Disclosure Documents are poorly drafted?
Don’t let the buyer walk away from your sale!
Have us draft your documents.
We will draft you a Contract Of Sale and Vendor Disclosures from scratch:
  • You start by telling the Lawyer your needs and wants;
  • We will draft a Contract Of Sale to realise those goals;
  • The Lawyer will order government required Searches to enclose in your required Vendor Disclosures (state specific);
  • We will suggest favourable amendments that mitigate risk;
  • We will draft a bulletproof contract that best protects your sale;
So call in, and our Concierge will assist with this process. Tell us about your property – we’ll provide a quote – and at your request, we will get started on your conveyance. As a matter of fact, the team is available to get started 7-days a week!
What you get: 1) A Lawyer and Conveyancer working hand in hand, and 2) A bulletproof Contract Of Sale.

Next step: Start marketing with your Contract Of Sale and Vendor Disclosures.
Wait For A Serious Buyer
Our contacts bind the Buyer according to the law
Great, your property is on the market! But when a serious Buyer comes along, they will often negotiate for items like:
  • Inclusions; e.g The potted plants, chandelier, the BBQ?
  • Exclusions; e.g Removal or change of a condition?
  • Terms; e.g Payment Conditions, Settlement Dates?
What you get: While it will be up to you to agree or not, you’ll have the benefit of our experience on what is fair and what is not. Should you agree to their requests, let us know. We’ll update the Contract Of Sale.

Next step: Have the fully signed Contract Of Sale sent to us so we can begin the conveyance.  
Conveyancing Starts
We’ll take care of the details so you don’t have to
Conveyancing is the legal process of changing the ownership of property from one party to another. And the moment the Contract of Sale is signed is the moment your team gets into heavy gear!
As part of our sophisticated process, your Lawyer will brief and direct your Conveyancer. As an added measure of protection, the Lawyer will always be required to sign off on the all Conveyancers work.
The role of the Conveyancer is to manage the Banks, Customers, other-side, Council, Water Utilities and circumnavigate the tedious immovable rules these big organisations typically have. And your Conveyancer is here to curate the best possible settlement experience for you.

  • Hold your hands throughout the conveyancing process;
  • Organise, anticipate and make sure you meet all statutory requirements;
  • Double confirm and get sign-off from the Lawyer;
  • Should anything go wrong, work hand in hand with the Lawyer;
  • Set the groundwork for you to reach an on-time settlement.
As A Law Firm:

What makes us different? We have the most comprehensive insurance in the category, Australia-wide, and we are the ONLY conveyancing law firm with CYBER FRAUD insurance. Our people and process are bulletproof, but if anything goes wrong – which is why you hired a Law Firm, to protect your transaction and family – we will do the work to get you out of it. We’ve got you.
What you get: Trusted advisors that will take care of you.

Next step: Sit tight as we talk to all the 3rd parties.
Make Adjustments
So you don’t pay more than you need to
UNPAID BILLS – The Buyer’s Solicitor will be working hard to find out if you have any outstanding bills on the property. This may include Land Tax, Water Bills, Council Rates, etc.
The Buyer’s Solicitor will contact us, and if there is anything outstanding, will request for amounts owed to be paid before settlement. This process is called making the adjustments.
We don’t want you to pay more than you need to, so this is where we step in and double check their claims.
What you get: Assurance you didn’t pay more than your fair share.

Next step: Wait until settlement day.
Settlement Attendance
We’ll meet with the Seller’s Solicitor and the Bank
The final step is Settlement. And that’s the day you assume legal ownership of your property.
What happens is that the Buyer’s Representative, The Bank, and your Conveyancer meet at a pre-arranged settlement office to exchange paperwork. There the Title and official documents are checked, confirmed by all parties and settlement is agreed upon.
And when all parties are happy, the paperwork is stamped and the funds are released to your Bank account.
What you get: Our Head Office is only 2-minutes walk away from the main settlement office in all States (most of the settlements happen in the CBD where we are based). That means should anything go wrong, your Lawyer can simply WALK to the office and take charge.
Next step: Your money released to your account.
Congratulations On The Sale!
You get direct access to your money
After briefly basking in the glory of a job well done, it’s right back to work for your Conveyancer. Your Conveyancer will do the final paperwork for the transfer and will send an email with all the details.
Meanwhile, your Agent will give you a call to let you know that the property was SOLD. Now all you need to do is tell your family about your successful sale! Congratulations!
What you get: An on-time conveyance enjoyed by 10,000+ happy Australians!
Next Steps: If you need a trusted Conveyancer near you, or you just want to know the price of our conveyancing service, why not…
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The fastest and easiest way to find out how we can help is to call us on
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