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An affordable, quality conveyancing service that puts you in control.

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Welcome to ThinkConveyancing.com.au

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ThinkConveyancing.com.au is your local conveyancer. Our offices are located in major Capital cities around Australia. Why? Because that’s where settlements take place and that’s how we save you money, by being LOCAL to the settlement centres. It may mean our office is a little further away than other conveyancers, but it does mean we are closer to where the action for real estate conveyancing really happens. Yes that’s right! Even if you use local conveyancing services, they will need to come to the city. That’s honestly how conveyancing works.

Property Conveyancing

Did You Know: Conveyancing is regulated by state laws, meaning the real estate conveyancing process is in fact unique in each state and territory of Australia? To find out more, jump to the relevant state below.

New South Wales

The NSW conveyancing legislation put the responsibility for disclosure on sellers. This means, if you are thinking of selling your property it is your and your legal representative’s responsibility to fully disclose in your s 10.7. Why is this important? Because if you fail to disclose, you risk the transaction falling over, be it deliberate omission by your solicitors or conveyancer or by accident. You bear the risk, that’s why it’s important to hire a professional. As a buyer, if you want to understand the true value of the investment you are about to make, make sure you get your contract reviewed, prior to signing… It could literally save you thousands


In Victoria, similar to NSW, the property conveyancing legislation means that sellers must tell potential purchasers about their property prior to receiving a binding offer. This disclosure is known as a Section 32 and is the essential document in all Victorian conveyancing transactions. To purchase, without having this document reviewed by your lawyers or conveyancers prior to signing is to unnecessarily invite risk into the transaction. Best practice is to always have your contract reviewed and any necessary special conditions drafted by your representative. In all property transactions be sure to remember that your legal representative is the ONLY representative who has a legal and professional responsibility to act in your best interest.


Queensland has some of the most comprehensive conveyancing protocols across Australia in an effort to protect the interests of purchases against unscrupulous sellers and or agents. What this means for you is that the careful execution of the necessary compliance requirements is essential to ensure the smooth settlement of your property (without unnecessary delay and cost!). Save yourself the hassle and go with a firm dedicated to conveyancing excellence. We would love to help! Notably, you have to be a solicitor in Queensland in order to be legally able to settle properties in this great state!


With an office in Hobart, Think Conveyancing can help buyers and sellers with their property transactions. As for all other states, we advise buyers to have a “Contract Review” before committing to a legally binding purchase. This is so buyers can understand their legal obligations (should they choose to sign the contract). We also help sellers and can draft their Contract Of Sale (along with the rest of the conveyance). Give us a call today, and our team members in Tasmania will be glad to help.

Other things to Think about when choosing a legal representative to represent you

Deciding on a legal representative for your sale or purchase is hard. We often hear from clients is they don’t know how to best evaluate the different offers put to them. Here at ThinkConveyancing.com.au, all our offices are focused on delivering value and highly competitive conveyancing fees. By value we mean balancing costs with protections. We know you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily, but to ensure your protection you are prepared to pay what is necessary. All our quotes seek to strike this balance. As our Legal Director puts it, “the scope of work we put forward, is exactly the same scope as we would perform for her Mum if she were buying or selling. No more. No less” Other things we often take for granted, but you should take into consideration include:
  • Insurance
    As a law firm, ThinkConveyancing.com.au are required to hold with our regulator requisite professional indemnity insurance. This means, you are protected and our work is covered, affording you greater protection.
  • Trust Account
    Depending on the transaction, the use of a trust account may or may not be necessary. ThinkConveyancing.com.au holds a Statutory Trust Account for use by our clients in the smooth settlement of their property. We are fully registered and audited, giving you confidence that our systems are robust and continually checked by external third parties, to ensure ongoing compliance. We take our work seriously (not ourselves).
  • Experience
    Across the firm, we are proud of the team of experience professionals who work for us. We can demonstrate experienced practitioners in all our offices who are dedicated to the craft of conveyancing and the on time settlement of your property. Check out our professionals today.
  • Ongoing Training
    At ThinkConveyancing.com.au our practitioners are committed to ongoing training. Why go with a service provider whose skills are outdated. In the ever changing legal industry, we pride ourselves on ongoing training and professional compliance. This is at the core of our culture.
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